Construction Management

Met SYSTEMS has extensive experience of construction management, site management and safety management. We have the full in-house capability to manage and deliver all aspects of a project with full compliance to the CDM Regulations.

Due to the high levels of experience, we are able to represent our clients at all levels within the regulations and manage/control all subcontractors and their deliverables in accordance with key programme timescales.

On most of our projects we undertake the roles of Principle Contractor and/or Planning Supervisor on behalf of our clients. We undertake all the necessary duties as part of the roles and responsibilities of the position both on and off site.

Comprehensive management of every stage of the project, beginning with the original concept and project definition, yields the greatest possible benefit to the client from Construction Management.
Key services :

  • Planning supervisor.
  • Contract / construction management.
  • Safety management.
  • Management of outside party activities.
  • Management of the technical approval process within Infracos, Network Rail & LUL, including HMRI liaison where applicable.
  • Planning and management of railway track possessions / protection.
  • Risk management of all project activities.
  • Site management of all construction/installation works.
Construction Management