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Eurostar Enhances Customer Service with WiSI Screens

As the go-to high speed method of transport to get you quickly and comfortably across the Channel to Europe since 1994, Eurostar has dramatically increased the number of passengers it carries from London to a number of cities on the Continent.

Met SYSTEMS Eurostar

The Challenge


With this growth and the greatly increased passenger numbers travelling through Eurostar’s key stations, came the challenge of maintaining the high levels of customer service; so crucial to, and very much part of, Eurostar’s philosophy. Finding new ways of informing customers with real-time information, in a modern convenient format in key station locations, whilst maintaining and enhancing their brand identity and values, was required.


The solution must have minimal time impact on staff with easy and instant operation crucial, providing automatic information updates wherever possible. 


The Solution


With our first European partner, this requirement was met at major transport hubs: Brussels Midi, Paris Gare du Nord and London St Pancras. The latter of which is a heritage site, hugely reducing what can be installed as fixed assets.  Our mobile, completely wireless customer information screens (WiSI screen) eliminate the protocol that would be required to implement fixed assets, providing considerable cost and time efficiencies.     


WiSI fits seamlessly into the Eurostar check-in desk and concourse area and can be placed in the most effective positions, making customer information unmissable. The screens are quickly and easily moved to other areas as required; to advise of travel disruption at an earlier point in the station thus avoiding passenger congestion.


Using our cloud-based software, staff can quickly update what’s displayed on WiSI on any mobile device, on the move, freeing up more of their time to provide their hallmark high levels of customer service.  Our bespoke WiSI software was configured to display live feed information, automatically updating train departures and crucial embarkation timelines.  From a mobile device, staff can also instantly create and display one-off messages to advise customers in a unique situation.  


WiSI includes a backlit panel at the bottom of it’s super bright high-definition screen that relays Eurostar’s iconic branding.  Our in-house design team also designed a durable wrap covering the entire body of the screen further highlighting the company’s brand providing a joined up and consistent look and feel.  All on screen feeds and customer posters/ messages are created and displayed in strict accordance with corporate branding guidelines.     



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