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Bespoke solutions for seamless integration and enhanced efficiency

At Met SYSTEMS, we specialise in developing, designing, and delivering bespoke hardware and software that integrate seamlessly with your environment and brand. Our solutions significantly enhance cost and time efficiency, as well as staff engagement, ensuring your operations run smoothly and effectively.


The cornerstone of our software systems is our in-house designed WiSI platform. Our focus is on creating an easily maintained, intuitive software application that allows operators to create and manage high-impact digital signage and passenger information.

WiSI's unique functionality grants operators full control over what, when, and where digital content is displayed. This can be managed on the go via mobile devices, providing flexibility to control displays in and around a station or remotely from head office.

Highly configurable, WiSI enables high-impact and meaningful communications, reaching customers in the most intuitive and automated way, thereby freeing up valuable time for both staff and passengers.

WiSI Screen
WiSI Software

The WiSI software platform is designed to interface effortlessly with other systems, with cyber security at its core. While it can operate independently, it often serves as the central hub to which many other systems connect, such as live information from coach, train, and network operators. This integration creates a cohesive, easy-to-control, fully functional customer information tool.

Our continuous development approach has led to additional systems that complement the WiSI platform, making it highly configurable. These add-on systems include:


Live Feed Development and Integration: Specific service extraction or presentation.


Automated Vehicle Management Systems: Including ANPR/CCTV.


Passenger Management: Passenger counting, queue times, footfall, and more.


Automated Billing Systems: Booking, tariff, and invoicing.


One size does not fit all. At Met SYSTEMS, we design complete solutions tailored to exceed your expectations. We use the latest technology housed in bespoke hardware that integrates seamlessly into your environment.

Our hardware designs ensure a consistent modern look and promote your brand, while our full design service creates digital content that is on-brand and impactful. This combination maximises the effectiveness of the information you relay.

Software and Design

Choose Met SYSTEMS for your project management needs and experience the difference our expertise, comprehensive approach, and dedicated team can make.


Contact us today to discuss your project and discover how our innovative solutions can transform your transport infrastructure.


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