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Strengthening Passenger Awareness for Emirates Air Line

Providing a high impact customer information solution to raise passing passenger awareness in the confines of an existing customer information kiosk, called upon our expertise in building a bespoke hardware configuration with our proven WiSI software automating many daily functions freeing up valuable staff time.

Met SYSTEMS Emirates Airline

The Challenge

The Emirates Air Line is a cable car link across the River Thames. It links North Greenwich (Emirates Greenwich Peninsula) and Royal Victoria (Emirates Royal Docks). It is a mode of transport offered by TfL, to cross the river where no other crossing is available and is popular with commuters and tourists alike as it provides great views of London and is a more novel and interesting way to travel.

To promote the service to passengers passing through the adjoining bus and underground stations (Jubilee Line), the need arose to place prominent advertising of this service in the main concourse area.This had to be accomplished within the footprint of an existing isolated customer information counter where tickets for the cable car are also sold. With its high ceilings and open concourse it would not be possible to mount any display screens to the surrounding building structure.

Met SYSTEMS Emirates Airline

The Solution

Whilst our proven mobile WiSI screen is ideally suited to such open spaces, where access to power and networks is not available, it was clear a more creative solution was required. Our in-house design team created a sleek modern non-intrusive casing, rising 4 metres in the air and only a mere 100mm thick it houses 2 x 60’’ HD high brightness screens along with backlit branding panels all providing maximum exposure to passing passengers. Despite the high elevation of the screens, Met Systems engineered a support structure allowing for only a small diameter single support pole to rise from the counter. Not only did this give a striking and creative appearance but the amount of valuable space taken up by the solution was virtually zero, leaving the maximum space for staff to interact with customers.

Met SYSTEMS Emirates Airline

Our WiSI software platform (accessed via PC at central offices or on staff mobile devices) was deployed to allow staff at the information desk to instantly update and control the content shown on the screens be it on-brand messages and customer information, live travel updates for the local transport links as well as high quality video content.With our bespoke approach to the project, we were able to provide maximum exposure for the cable car in the smallest available space all presented in a sleek bespoke enclosure enhancing the appearance of the customer information kiosk.


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